Monday, 18 May 2009

Camellia and Plumptious Bags

Two new bags to add today!

I've been trying to find some fabric to match with this fabric for ages, but it hit me the other day that it is just perfect on its own! Camellia is a taupe linen with a black flock detail. There are two versions, basically the same, but one is slightly smaller for the lady with less handbag junk!
The lining for both is chocolate satin, the larger bag has a black and bronze damask on the reverse of the flap. The smaller bag flap is lined with red and gold damask. Will be available on Folksy very shortly!
This bag is gorgeous! Made as a commission for a friend using purple corduroy and patchwork velour. Lined with plain navy.

Woolly goodness!

I've had a very productive day today! Several hours being chauffered to my parents house (Al is a very poor passenger, so I give in gracefully and allow him to drive!), plus a few hours with needles whilst sat in the conservatory after lunch and ta daaa! My socks are finished! And no, they are not odd. They match perfectly, if i stand with one foot in front of the other!
So with socks finished, it was time for some crochet again. The hexagon blanket continues to grow. It is not finished yet, but the light in the conservatory is too good to miss a photo opportunity of progress so far!

Yummy! Thank you for the inspiration Lucy!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Lutterworth Craft Fair and Bottle Bag

My stall at Lutterworth Craft Fair yesterday. Sadly it was rather quiet, but I still had a reasonable day.
Bottle bags - made from recycled curtain fabric. Pisces - white with blue fish, teamed with cornflower blue linen on the bottom, trimmed with Laura Ashley Delphiniums and lined with plain, light blue. Has 4 bottle compartments and a reinforced bottom!
Folds up small to go inside a tote bag until required.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Botanical Tulips Tote Bag

A classy tote bag made from pretty linen fabric featuring blowsy arts and crafts tulips and thick conker brown chenille. Lined with plain taupe cotton, one pocket edged with tulip embroidery and a button closure.
Not very clear from the picture, but the linen is more of a creamy, buttery colour than the photo suggests. The button is wood grain effect and matches the shade of the linen.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Beady Jean Genie

Monica wanted a cerise Jean Genie, so this is the last of my cerise chenille fabric! This was made using a pair of jeans with a pretty beaded motif and I didn't want to lose the beads, so have appliqued them to the front flap.
These bags need a chunky button but I didn't have one that matched. Instead I've used a small stack of buttons to create a decent closure.
The inside of the flap is cerise taffeta with a black flock pattern. The lining is soft navy cotton and all the stitching is cerise.