Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Lurrve and Peace Hippy Bag

 A recent project that had to stay under wraps until now as it was for an 18th Birthday present! An 11 year olds embroidered denim jacket, long outgrown, but too precious to throw away, recycled into a bag and now off to university!
 The embroidered panel from the back of the jacket made into the bag flap
 Lining made from some pretty yellow floral fabric from my stash and some William Morris Cornflower fabric.
 Button plackets made from the cuffs
 The jacket breast pockets incorporated into the bag body
 A bit of additional applique to brighten the reverse of the bag
 The bag handle was made from the jacket waistband, using the buttons and buttonholes to create an adjustable strap. Strap then lined with more of the buttery yellow fabric.
All topstitched in a mixture of coloured threads to match the colours of the stitching on the original jacket.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Whew! Long time, no work done!

Oh dear, it is so very dusty in here! It's been that long since I posted! But I am still here - just about anyway. I have had to stop doing craft shows - I have returned to 'normal' work 3 days a week, which sadly leaves no time for crafting just for the fun of it. It was becoming a chore - trying to make stock to sell on the fair, with no time to work on anything for myself! So it had to stop.
On the plus side, I now have time to make things that I want. And I am still doing the occasional bag commission. This little bag was one such commission, from recycled jeans, patchworked and appliqued with the beading from the jeans.
Then I had a commission to make two bags, one small denim and a chicken rucksack. It took a lot longer than normal, but they were finished last week.
Instructions were to give the rucksack a chickeny theme. Now that was fun to do! All my funky chicken prints and some cute little ceramic chicken buttons.
And the little bag, again made from recycled jeans with appliqued flowers.
So as you see, I am still here, just not very often! I will also get around to posting about some of the projects I have done for myself as well soon.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

More Back Packs!

Two more backpacks! First one is a commission in glowing reds. Made half the normal size so more of a handbag backpack!
Made from red and raspberry satin jacquard and chenille with gold tone buttons and eyelets.
Red satin padding on the shoulder straps and a tan leather base. Red satin cording with fabric tulips.
This one is for me!!!!!!!
Lots of patchwork in sumptuous green and plum.
Quilted with gold metallic thread.
Pale green satin cording finished with fabric tulips.
Padded shoulder straps.

Pretty gold norwegian clasp, gold tone eyelets and buttons.
Tan leather base.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Very Retro Very Green ...

Another fabric that has had me struggling for something to do with it! On it's own it is almost psychedelic shades of green but teamed with denim with the very slightest hint of purple in it, I think it looks fantastic!
Two bags here - one a large messenger bag, 13" x 14", the other a handbag at 10" x 10". Both have a 36" shoulder strap.
Both are lined with a glazed cotton in bright green and have two internal pockets and one external pocket under the flap.
The 10" x 10" bag:

Reverse of the smaller bag:
Front of the smaller bag:
The larger bag - inside.Pocket under the flap, vintage green button fastening.
Reverse of the large bag:
Vintage green button flap closure:
Front of the larger bag:

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Poinsettia Tote Bag

I've been looking at these fabrics for ages and not knowing what to do with them! I just knew that I liked them and wanted to do something BRIGHT with them! I put the patchwork together first, then sat and looked at them for a few weeks before I decided what to do next!
In the end, the patchwork was finished with some metallic gold thread zigzags and a little corsage in my favourite pink chenille.
A little gold tone button on the corsage finished it off.
Finally some plain, emerald green cotton for the lining and pocket for a fabulous, festive contrast!

This is such a vivid bag - perfect for adding a bit of spice to your christmas shopping trips!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Roses are red backpack

I fell in love when I saw this fabric - deep red chenille in a lovely sculpted rose pattern. Just right for this back pack pattern.
Gorgeous fabrics set off with a pewter Norwegian clasp.
Adjustable, padded cushion web straps. Tan leather base.
Four external pockets fastened with vintage burgundy buttons.
Red drawcord top, navy and burgundy stripe lining with two internal pockets.
This bag is as practical as it is gorgeous!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Recycled Denim and Patchwork Backpack

Made for a commission, I've been wanting to have a go at a backpack for a while. I'm pleased with the result!
The pockets and top flap were the fiddliest bits, making up the patchwork and doing the quilting,but it was worth it for the finished look.
I couldn't find any buttons that suited the colour and style so had a go at self cover buttons. I also couldn't find any cord stops to suit so I made little fabric bobbles to cover the knots. And I got to play with eyelets!
The base is spotty oilcloth for protection against dirty floors.
I wasn't keen on plain polyester webbing and managed to find some cushion web on ebay. It's used to make horse headcollars and lead reins and is much softer and more comfortable in the hand than plain webbing.
Fully lined with a zipped internal pocket (recycled jeans zip!)
All the fabric was recycled - jeans, a tablecloth, a pair of curtains and a few offcuts.
I took these pics before I'd added the clasp. It took me a while to find what I wanted - I'd never heard of a Norwegian Clasp! But thats what I needed!

It just finishes it off perfectly!
This is going to be my next one. I bought a jelly roll of these gorgeous olive greens and plums. The whole thing will be patchworked - these are the pocket pieces, quilted with gold thread!
I have a nice piece of soft leather that I plan to use for the base. I might have to keep this one for myself!