Thursday, 29 October 2009

Very Retro Very Green ...

Another fabric that has had me struggling for something to do with it! On it's own it is almost psychedelic shades of green but teamed with denim with the very slightest hint of purple in it, I think it looks fantastic!
Two bags here - one a large messenger bag, 13" x 14", the other a handbag at 10" x 10". Both have a 36" shoulder strap.
Both are lined with a glazed cotton in bright green and have two internal pockets and one external pocket under the flap.
The 10" x 10" bag:

Reverse of the smaller bag:
Front of the smaller bag:
The larger bag - inside.Pocket under the flap, vintage green button fastening.
Reverse of the large bag:
Vintage green button flap closure:
Front of the larger bag:

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Poinsettia Tote Bag

I've been looking at these fabrics for ages and not knowing what to do with them! I just knew that I liked them and wanted to do something BRIGHT with them! I put the patchwork together first, then sat and looked at them for a few weeks before I decided what to do next!
In the end, the patchwork was finished with some metallic gold thread zigzags and a little corsage in my favourite pink chenille.
A little gold tone button on the corsage finished it off.
Finally some plain, emerald green cotton for the lining and pocket for a fabulous, festive contrast!

This is such a vivid bag - perfect for adding a bit of spice to your christmas shopping trips!