Thursday, 12 August 2010

Whew! Long time, no work done!

Oh dear, it is so very dusty in here! It's been that long since I posted! But I am still here - just about anyway. I have had to stop doing craft shows - I have returned to 'normal' work 3 days a week, which sadly leaves no time for crafting just for the fun of it. It was becoming a chore - trying to make stock to sell on the fair, with no time to work on anything for myself! So it had to stop.
On the plus side, I now have time to make things that I want. And I am still doing the occasional bag commission. This little bag was one such commission, from recycled jeans, patchworked and appliqued with the beading from the jeans.
Then I had a commission to make two bags, one small denim and a chicken rucksack. It took a lot longer than normal, but they were finished last week.
Instructions were to give the rucksack a chickeny theme. Now that was fun to do! All my funky chicken prints and some cute little ceramic chicken buttons.
And the little bag, again made from recycled jeans with appliqued flowers.
So as you see, I am still here, just not very often! I will also get around to posting about some of the projects I have done for myself as well soon.