Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Lurrve and Peace Hippy Bag

 A recent project that had to stay under wraps until now as it was for an 18th Birthday present! An 11 year olds embroidered denim jacket, long outgrown, but too precious to throw away, recycled into a bag and now off to university!
 The embroidered panel from the back of the jacket made into the bag flap
 Lining made from some pretty yellow floral fabric from my stash and some William Morris Cornflower fabric.
 Button plackets made from the cuffs
 The jacket breast pockets incorporated into the bag body
 A bit of additional applique to brighten the reverse of the bag
 The bag handle was made from the jacket waistband, using the buttons and buttonholes to create an adjustable strap. Strap then lined with more of the buttery yellow fabric.
All topstitched in a mixture of coloured threads to match the colours of the stitching on the original jacket.

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