Saturday, 27 September 2008

Funky Chicken Pot Holders - £12 pair

Decorative and useful, these funky chicken pot holders are the perfect addition for your kitchen! Hand made to order, they are available in various colours so that they can be co-ordinated to your kitchen.

Made from 100% cotton, recycled fabric used where possible, but for durability mostly new cotton will be used. Hand finished with co-ordinating bias binding and a beady button eye adds the final touch.

Wadding is Warm Insul-Bright - a space age wadding that is thin and light but provides excellent heat resistence: "Insul~Bright consists of hollow, polyester fibers needlepunched through a nonwoven substrate and through a reflective mylar. The needled material is breathable and won’t break down with washing. The hollow fibers resist conduction while the reflective mylar resists radiant energy. The energy, hot or cold, is reflected back to its source."

In addition, they contain an extra layer of poly-cotton wadding to protect your fingers!

Single pot holders can be made - but chickens get lonely on their own so two are always better than one! However, if you really only need one chicken, that can be arranged. Single chickens £7 each.

Email me with your colour preferences and I will email a picture of the fabrics available. Once ordered, allow 5 days plus posting time.


jezzabell said...

they are cute! how can you make chicken to be so cute? great!

Penguinmad said...

ooooooh they would be so handy! PLEASE tell me you have used all the lovely spotty cockerall fabric and there is NOT enough left over to make a pair of these. They would look perfect in my kitchen and I'm afraid prudence may have left the building.......

Lazy Daisy Glass said...

Hi Cathy

Love your chickens, they are so funky. Just added your blog to mine.

Jen said...

Where did you get your pattern to make these? I've been searching for a pattern and have had no luck.