Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Easter - time for chickens and chocolate!

I haven't posted anything for over 2 weeks! You could be forgiven for thinking that I have been taking time off, but I haven't, I promise! Instead I am guilty of having too many projects on the go at once and subsequently nothing gets finished! But I have now finished some to show you, I promise I'll finish the rest off soon!
With Easter on the horizon my thoughts turn to chocolate (amongst other things!). I know it's not exactly recycled, but when I saw this fabulous chocolatey fabric I just couldn't resist. It's nearly as good as the real thing!
Easter Chicken Pot Holders:
I have lots more of this fabric so look out for some more chocolately themed projects coming soon!
As soon as I saw the tutorial for these dinky chicken pincushions, I had to put everything on hold and make them. Made from recycled fabric and using the log cabin patchwork technique, they stand only 3" high. I love them!


Autumn Rose Crafts said...

I love these, just gorgeous! Sarah x

Lazy Daisy Glass said...

Love the chocolate chickens - good enough to eat!!