Thursday, 4 June 2009

Introducing the Snowy Bag ....

I was recently asked to make some bags in a different style for a friend. She provided the fabric - 1/2 yard each for the lining and the outer, and she wanted a slouchy handbag style with inside pockets.

I've been looking at different styles recently and debating what to try, so this was a good challenge!

This is my own pattern, although the style is a pretty common one.

This one is in pink batik with a lilac lining.
I added the recycled touch, beads from an old T shirt - they were just the right shade.
Fastened with a large button and loop closure.
Black flouncy fabric with fuchsia lining.
Fastened with a large black button - this button was a bit big, so I added a rosette on the other side to balance it. It seems to suit the fabric!
Obviously both of these are sold, but keep an eye on Folksy, I will be making more very shortly!


Rache said...

This black bag is absolutly stunning.
Will you be making anymore because I REALLY want 1

Cathy H said...

Hi Rache, thanks, I will be making more as I get the right fabric. Keep checking on Folksy! xx